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Good investment in human resources to achieve sustainable development through:

1. Developing the skills of faculty members, supporting bodies, academic and administrative leaders at the university

Spreading the culture of continuous training and development at the university. Assessing the university's training needs. Designing and implementing training programmes based on actual training needs. Assessing the impact of training and measuring its effectiveness on the targeted groups.

2. Building the research capabilities of researchers for postgraduate students at the university

Studying the training needs in the field of scientific research for postgraduate students. Design, implementation and evaluation of training programmes. Providing technical support and integrated care for postgraduate students in all stages of scientific research.

3. Developing human capital in local community institutions

Providing training consultations to various governmental or private entities. Developing strategic training plans based on the actual training needs of various agencies, whether governmental or private. Designing and holding training courses to develop technical, leadership or administrative skills. Studying the impact of training and its effectiveness in achieving the actual return on investment in human resources. Fostering and supporting the academic style of administration outside the university.